11 opposition parties could not gather even 8,000 people: Fayyaz Chohan


LAHORE (News10) – Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan Saturday said eleven opposition parties together could not gather even 8,000 people in the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) Gujranwala rally – that too after spending Rs 1.03 billion.

The provincial minister said in his statement that Prime Minister Imran Khan had gathered more people in America than PDM did in Gujranwala. There were 700 supporters of each party if the figure of 8,000 is divided by eleven, he said while adding that the opposition should now appear before courts and accountability institutions.

Fayyaz Chohan further said, “The corrupt group of opposition should now start returning the plundered money after facing defeat in the very first rally. The government did not create any hurdle in the PDM’s public meeting. Pakistan will continue its journey towards a stable economy in the next three years also under PM Imran Khan.” 

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