Ayeza Khan stresses need to stay positive and calm


Ayeza Khan, who dedicated this Eid to her kids, has said that she loves her fans unconditionally and urged them to stay positive and calm in these tough times.

Taking to Instagram, the Mehar Posh actress shared an adorable photo and wrote, “I love my fans unconditionally.”

Earlier, she turned to Twitter and responded to the trolls saying “Why celebrities are on social media? Are we here to let others decide what we have to do in our lives? Reading comments like those hurt us and break us from inside too.”

She added “We entertain millions around, try to spread happiness and act normal for our fans to divert their attention and tell them that things are fine.”

“We are all in this together and InshaAllah we will get through these tough time. We all need to stay positive and calm,” Ayeza Khan further said

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