BNP-M exiting PTI alliance ‘a ray of hope’, Fazlur Rehman tells Akhtar Mengal


ISLAMABAD: The BNP-M’s move to exit its alliance with the ruling PTI has come as “a ray of hope”, JUI-F President Maulana Fazlur Rehman told BNP-M chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal in a meeting between the two on Sunday.

Mengal, whose party dealt a major blow to the federal government earlier this week when it broke coalition with the PTI over unfulfilled promises, said he had a personal relationship with Rehman.

“We’re together in the Opposition alongside the JUI-F in Balochistan,” the BNP-M leader said, adding that Rehman’s party was spread throughout Pakistan.

In response to the JUI-F leader’s question on whether the Balochistan-based party had become part of the Opposition, Mengal said talks were ongoing.

“Rapprochement with the Opposition is growing. The day we join the opposition, we will run the right Opposition,” he said.

Rehman, following the meeting, said his party had welcomed Akhtar Mengal’s decision to leave the government’s coalition. It “has birthed a ray of hope” and is “a model for other PTI allies”, he said.

“Other allies in the government should now speak out boldly,” the JUI-F chief said, adding that following a person against one’s conscience was not the mark of a respectable Pakistani.

“I hope Sardar sahab will convince other PTI allies that it is not a time to be supporting the government. Pakistan is drowning at the moment,” he added.

Fazl went on to comment on the country’s economic status and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s approval among the masses.

“When the budget goes negative so does the government’s popularity; the prime minister has no idea that his own popularity, too, has plummeted into the red territory,” he said.

“The current ruler’s popularity has crashed on the basis of his performance. The current ruler no longer has the right to impose himself [on the nation],” he said, adding that the incumbent premier must acknowledge his failure and resign immediately.

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