First-ever shipment from Pakistan under TIR reaches Tashkent: Razak


ISLAMABAD – Adviser to Prime Minister for Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood has said first-ever shipment from Pakistan under Transports International Routiers reached Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 48 hours from Torkham, Pakistan.

In a tweet, he said that the long-term vision of the government for trade and economic relations with Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Central Asian Republics is to make Pakistan a hub for trade, transit and transshipment.

Advisor said that connectivity with trading partners is vital for viable trade relations.

He said the structure and efficient connectivity networks enable access to markets and should be considered a facet of the trade competitiveness.

Dawood said this will ensure that Pakistan leverages its geo-economic location in the region to enhance its international trade. 

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