GB Election Results 2020: Party position in Gilgit Baltistan Assembly


Soon after polls closed at 5pm on Sunday in the 2020 elections for the Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly, the count of votes began across the region’s polling stations.

As of 4:00pm Monday, PTI was in the lead in nine of 23 constituencies, according to unofficial results while the independent candidates have won seven seats.

PTI (9)

Muhammad Khalid Khursheed won in the GBA-13, Astore 1 with 5325 votes, Fatta-Ullah- Khan won in the GBA-2, Gilgit-2 with 6696 votes, Nazir Ahmed won GBA-20, Ghizer-2 constituency with 5430 votes, Abaidullah Baig won in the GBA-6, Hunza constituency with 5624 votes, Raja Muhammad Zakeria Khan won in the GBA-7, Skardu-I constituency with 5,288 votes, Syed Amjad Ali won in the GBA-11, Kharmang constituency with 6,612 votes, Shamsul Haq Lone won in the GBA-14, Astore-II constituency with 5,418 votes and Raja Azam Khan won in the GBA-12, Shigar constituency with 10,349 votes, unofficial results showed.

Party nameLead in no. of constituenciesUnofficial victory in no. of constituenciesTotal
Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen11
Islami Tehreek Pakistan

Independents (7)

After PTI, independents were ahead with unofficial victories in seven constituencies.

According to unofficial results, Haji Shah Baig won the GBA-15, Diamer-1 constituency with 2685 votes, Javed Ali Manwa won with 2,443 votes in the GBA-5, Nagar-II constituency; Mushtaq Hussain won with 6,051 votes in the GBA-22, Ghanche-I constituency; Nawaz Khan Naji won in the GBA-19, Ghizer-I constituency with 6,448 votes; Abdul Hameed Khan won in the GBA-23, Ghanche-II constituency with 3,696 votes; Nasir Ali Khan won in the GBA-10 Skardu-4 with 4667 votes; and Wazir Muhammad Saleem GBA-9, Skardu-III constituency with 6,286 votes.

PPP (3)

The independents were followed by PPP, which was in the lead in three constituencies. This included — as per unofficial results — victories in three constituencies, namely, by Muhammad Ismail in the GBA-24, Ghanche-III constituency with 6,204 votes; and Amjad Hussain in both the GBA-I, Gilgit-I constituency with 11,178 votes and GBA-4, Nagar-I constituency with 11,178 votes.

PML-N (2)

The PML-N has won two constituencies. Ghulam Muhammad bagged 4609 votes to win GBA-21, Ghizer-3 while Muhammad Anwar received 5605 votes to win GBA-16, Diamer-2.

Others (2)

Unofficial results also showed Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen candidate having won the GBA-8, Skardu-II constituency with 7,842 votes.

Meanwhile, Rehmat Khaliq of Jamiat Ulema-e-islam Fazal Ur Rehman Group is leading in GBA-17, Diamer-3 with 3293 votes.

Each win in a constituency represents a seat won in the assembly.

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