Gigi Hadid is getting ready to binge-watch ‘The Crown’


Much like all of us, supermodel Gigi Hadid has also been keeping her eyes glued to her TV following the release of The Crown’s new season.

Turning to her Instagram, the fashionista, 25, reminded the world to not disturb her by texting as she is too busy binge-watching the Netflix original series.

Hadid shared the Instagram Story of podcast host Olivia Perez which features a still of Olivia Coleman playing Queen Elizabeth II in the fourth season of The Crown. Alongside the photo, Perez wrote: “Don’t text.”

Hadid found the post quite relatable as well as she re-shared the Story on her page and wrote: “I second this.”

While the diva has yet to share what she thought of the explosive new season, the rest of the world cannot stop raving about it as the royal family is largely getting blasted over its ingrained toxicity that made life a living hell for Princess Diana. 

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