Governor Zinder called on the Ambassador of Pakistan Mr Ahmed Ali Sirohey at guest house Maradi


Governor Zinder called on the Ambassador of Pakistan Mr Ahmed Ali Sirohey at guest house Maradi. The governor thanked the Ambassador on his visit to Maradi. He desired cooperation in the field of agriculture, irrigation, energy, health, education, industry, livestock,halal meat, tanneries and poverty alleviation. The Ambassador Mr Ahmed Ali Sirohey informed him that Pakistan can help Zinder in agriculture and irrigation system. In the field of education and health the private sector operators can be encouraged to join hands with local investors. The establishment of Niger Pakistan export zone in Zinder is proposed to the government of Niger. The tannery and halal meat processing units can be established in the zone. Pakistan can assist you in commercial forestry and youth training for gainful employment. The Ambassador informed the governor that there are approximately 40,000 families in Zinder, if regional government makes grouping of 40 families and gives one tractor to each group, it will bring agricultural revolution. Pakistan can sell one thousand tractors on special price to Zinder. Pakistan embassy is supporting youth incubation centre at Zinder university, where youth will be trained and provided with interest free loans to start their business. He also advised the governor to buy small machines like sugarcane juice making and pop corn making from Pakistan and give to youth on soft terms. The governor Said that he was extremely happy to see our brother country Pakistan extending help in all fields. He desired to visit Pakistan with his delegation. The Ambassador assured him the necessary invitation from Pakistan.

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