Imran Abbas enthusiastic to help Muslims in Africa


Islamabad : Imran Abbas is one of the most talented and prominent actor of Pakistan. He is a beauty with a brain who is ruling the television screens since 2003 when he appeared on the screen for the first time. After several years of assiduity and thoroughness now he is being acknowledged and loved internationally too and has a massive fan following.

Recently Imran Abbas took to his social media account to announce that he’ll be helping Muslims in Africa by providing them with water, food, education and other basic needs. Apart from that he’ll also be gifting them Quran-e-Pak too.

“Honoured to be selected by the government of turkey and it’s ‘Ministry Of Religious Affairs’ as the goodwill ambassador from Pakistan to visit, this week, to Tanzania and many African countries along with the leading Turkish actors to help Muslims with water, food, education and other basic needs which they are deprived of. Alongside presenting them gift of thousands of Quran-e-Pak, Allhamduillah!”, wrote Imran Abbas. 

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