Karachi’s public transportation system worst in the world: Bloomberg


KARACHI (News10) – International magazine Bloomberg has declared Karachi’s public transportation system worst in the world.

According to details, the report said that Karachi ranks as having the worst public transport system globally.

Karachi roads are filled with potholes, not all traffic signals are automated, and it’s common to see drivers running red lights.

The Bloomberg magazine also mentioned the chaotic traffic on MA Jinnah Road, saying that the highway, which controls most of the city’s traffic, connects the main port to the city, is in very poor condition.

According to the report most of the city’s traffic signals are non-functional. Karachi’s problems were exacerbated when it rained in August this year, killing 64 people. At that time, the whole city was turned into river.

According to the Bloomberg, mega projects have been announced several times to modernize Karachi’s transport system, but unfortunately those projects have not been started yet.

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