Meghan Markle abandons plans of attaining UK citizenship


Meghan Markle may have abandoned all possibility of her UK return for good after she and Prince Harry took an exit from the British royal family.

According to a report by The Telegraph, the Duchess of Sussex has “abandoned” plans of becoming a UK citizen while it was earlier reported at the time of her royal wedding that she would become a dual citizen.

According to the website, the duchess would be required to live in the UK for at least three years to be eligible to apply for citizenship as a spouse.

However, per Us Weekly, Meghan and Harry had moved out of UK before she could mark her three years.

This comes after a source recently shared details about their new life in California, telling People magazine that the pair “don’t regret their move to the US. They love that they are able to focus on projects and causes that are important to them.”

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