Moeed Yousuf makes new revelations regarding India-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD (News10) – Special Assistant to Prime Minister for National Security Dr Moeed Yousuf, in an interview with an Indian journalist, has made new revelations exposing India’s terrorism in Pakistan.

Moeed Yousuf said in the interview that the mastermind of Army Public School massacre was in contact with Indian intelligence agency R&AW, which was also involved in attacks on the Chinese Consulate, PC Gwadar and Karachi stock exchange. Moreover, in Afghanistan, TTP and terrorist organizations were integrated under the supervision of R&AW officers, for which it provided $1 million.

There is also evidence of Aslam Achu, a terrorist involved in Chinese consulate attack, getting treatment at a hospital in New Delhi while Indian courts have released the terrorists involved in Samjhauta Express terror attack. India has made a false narrative of terrorism against Pakistan, he added.

He said that Pakistan laid down terms for meaningful dialogue with India in order to end the inhumane military siege in occupied Kashmir and stop the blatant human rights violations. Negotiations with India are impossible without first ending its barbarism with the Kashmiris, he added.

Moeed Yousuf said that Pakistan wants peace but India’s cruel Hindutva policies stand in the way. The Modi government has been isolated in the region due to its expansionist policies.

He said that the world knew that Kashmiris hate India and are not ready to live under the shadow of its aggressive occupation.

Dr Moeed Yousuf said that Prime Minister Imran Khan raised his voice for Kashmir more than any previous government. In Imran Khan’s vision, economic stability and interconnection are important for prosperity.

He said that Pakistan was striving for peace in the region, it stands with the UN resolutions passed to resolve the Kashmir dispute and fulfill the aspirations of Kashmiris, who are the most important party in this conflict. Indian propaganda cannot change Pakistan’s principled position on the issue, he added.

He warned India to stop sponsoring terrorism against Pakistan as any such mistake would result in a strong reaction. The world can see which country is aiming for peace and which is itching for war, he said.

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