Paani Project USA installs hand pumps and distributes food items in various Districts of Sindh:


Paani Project USA installs hand pumps and distributes food items in various Districts of Sindh:

The various districts in Sindh are particularly affected by the turmoil prevalent in the region. Villagers in many areas spend their entire day searching and hauling for drinking water. Women and children are traditionally responsible to do this job. Realizing these problems facing by the grassroots, Fast Rural Development Program with the collaboration of Paani Project USA has provided hygienic hand pump water to the most disadvantaged families in various districts of Sindh including Jacobabad, Mirpurkhas, Jaffarabad and Tharparkar. Paani Project USA is a nonprofit organization that is working with community partners and institutions in the United States and Pakistan to drive sustainable, evidence-based interventions that primarily focus on alleviating clean water inaccessibility, advocating for gender equity and addressing a variety of pressing health disparities.

The Paani Project USA has installed hundreds of water hand pumps in several districts around Sindh to protect the lives from water borne diseases. The under-privileged people particularly in rural areas were drinking contaminated water and were being affected by different sorts of diseases like Hepatitis and Gastro. But The Paani project USA has paved the ways for hundreds of villagers to drink clean and pure water by following the process of WHO standards for the water quality.

On the other hand, More than 2000 food items were distributed in district Hyderabad, Tharparkar and Mirpurkhas amongst poor and needy families by Paani project USA. The penniless families were badly affected by the Covid-19. The members of the organization reached the poor families mostly daily-wage earners in the various areas of Sindh to distribute food, which include flour, cooking oil, rice, pulses, chickpeas, tea, dried milk, sugar, spices, salt etc.

The daily-wage earners, residing in District Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas could not imagine to receive support from any organization at the difficult time. Hundreds of families were stuck at home after the imposition of lockdown amid the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. Many poor workers were compelled to sit idle at home without work.

The down and Out people were wearing face masks and hand gloves while receiving food packs at wider ground with a large number of male and female. They were oriented to follow social distancing and SOPs to avoid any unfortunate situation. After receiving food packs the miserable people felt comfortable, believing at least they are safe for at least a month. Mostly these people belong to marginalized families, who need help under this kind of severe economic stress.

The poor and needy people while praying said that the people who offer something for needy people at the crucial times are extremely generous. They will get blessings after giving others in such a hard time, when everybody is frightened to avoid the spread of virus, they pray. Moreover, their faces were shining and eyes were blowing with joy due to the provision of bread and butter. In this regard it was observed that they had thanked the Paani project USA and FRDP for supporting them in difficult hours of their lives. Meanwhile, they have got sooth in their life and are doing their domestic activities with full of spirit and joy.

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