Pakistan Army ranks 10th most powerful army in world


ISLAMABAD (News10) – Pakistan has become the tenth most powerful country in the world in terms of military power, according to the Global Firepower index 2021.

According to a report published in Global Firepower, Pakistan has surpassed Iran, Indonesia, Israel and Canada in terms of military power.

In the list released for the year 2021, Pakistan has improved five places. Angola, Bulgaria and Syria have declined in the ranking.

According to a recent report, Pakistan is ranked 15th to 10th. Pakistan has ranked behind Turkey, Italy, Egypt, Iran, Germany, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Australia, Israel and Canada.

Egypt, Germany, Israel, North Korea, South Africa, Myanmar, Colombia, Romania, Mexico, Peru, Denmark, Iraq, Syria, Angola, Bulgaria have dropped in 2021 list of the most powerful countries in the world

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