OIC urged to establish working group to counter India’s anti-Muslim policies


WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Munir Akram on Wednesday demanded of Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to establish a working group over anti-Muslim policies of India

Munir Akram briefed the representatives of the Muslim countries over anti-Muslim acts of the Indian state.

“India is working on anti-Muslim policies in an organized manner,” he said adding that they wanted to eradicate Muslim identity from the country as they target the community in the guise of coronavirus pandemic.

Munir Akram further said that India was working to change the demography of Muslims in the country.

He urged upon the Islamic countries to play their role to put brakes to the anti-Muslim policies of Indian state.

Majority of the member states of OIC briefed on the matter supported the idea of establishing a working group to counter anti-Muslim policies in India.

Earlier in the day, Pakistan welcomed the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) statement in which it strongly condemned and rejected India’s illegal actions to redefine domicile rules to alter Occupied Jammu and Kashmir’s demography.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Ayesha Farooqui said the country terms the move “Settlement Colonialist” against the OIC and UN resolutions, Geneva convention, international and humanitarian law.

Quoting the OIC statement, she said, since 5 Aug last year, India, despite widespread international condemnation from the United Nations, OIC and other human rights bodies has been continuing to pursue systematic persecution of Kashmiri Muslims through vicious political, economic and communication blockade in Occupied Kashmir.

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