PDM will march to Islamabad under all circumstances: Bilawal


HYDERABAD ( News10 ) – PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that in the month of March, PDM will hold a long march towards Islamabad under all circumstances.

Addressing Tuesday’s PDM rally in Hyderabad, he said the anti-poor government has made life difficult for people. “This is the same Imran Khan who promised to create 10 million jobs, provide 5 million houses and not take loans. He used to say that he would commit suicide before going to the IMF, but he has taken the most loans during the past three years.

Bilawal Bhutto said that Imran Khan has put every Pakistani in debt. Today, Pakistan’s growth rate lags behind that of Afghanistan and Bangladesh and it faces the highest inflation in the region.

He said that according to Transparency International, historic corruption is taking place in Pakistan but he is not questioned about corruption in BRT and Billion Tree Tsunami projects.

The PPP chairman said that the illegitimate Prime Minister has destroyed the economy as well as democracy. “Inshallah there will be a long march in March. We will form a people’s government by removing the selected, incompetent and illegitimate Prime Minister”, he said.

“We have to make the public the source of power,” he added. We will oust this illegitimate and incompetent government and form a people’s government that will protect economic and democratic rights.

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