People feel crunch of rising prices despite tall claims of govt


LAHORE (News10) – Despite tall claims of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government of providing relief to the masses, the inflation has been rising in Punjab including Lahore.

The rising inflation has made the lives of people difficult as everything including flour, sugar, meat and vegetables, have gone out of reach of people.

There is a shortage of 10 and 20 kg bags of flour in the market. The red red flour is not available for less than Rs 60-65 and white fine flour for less than Rs 80.

The price of flour has gone up from Rs 78 to Rs 80 per kg while sugar is also being sold at Rs 110 per kg.

The price of chicken has gone up by Rs 19 per kg in a single day while eggs have gone up by Rs 160 per dozen. The price of chicken has gone up by Rs 44 per kg in one month. Moreover, vegetables and fruits are being sold at increased prices.

The price hikes is keeping consumers away from all but essential items.

PM Imran Khan finalizes action plan against inflation

Prime Minister Imran Khan is likely to announce his plan of action and other important decisions against rising inflation in the country tomorrow (Monday).

According to details, government has decided to use all resources against inflation in the country. PM Imran Khan has decided to once again use services of volunteers of Tiger Force for identification of hoarders and consultations with Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Youth Affairs (SAPM) Usman Dar have been completed in this regard.

PM Imran Khan has directed to convene a convention of Tiger Force. The convention will be held next week in federal capital. Imran Khan will provide guidance and assign tasks to youth according to government’s action plan.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan Saturday announced that, starting next week, his government will use all the resources at disposal of the state to bring down skyrocketing prices of essential food items in the country.

“Starting Monday in the coming week, our government will use all resources at the disposal of the state to bring food prices down,” PM Imran Khan tweeted.

The PM said the government is already examining the reasons behind the recent hike in the prices of food items.

He said the government is investigating if there is a genuine supply shortage, hoarding by mafias, smuggling or a rise in international prices.

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