PTI’s lawmakers drilled holes in government’s boat: Farogh Naseem


KARACHI: Following MQM-P’s formal announcement regarding its decision to part ways from the PTI-led alliance in a bid to support the opposition’s no trust move, Farogh Naseem says that the ruling party’s members have “drilled holes in their boat.

“Revolt of PTI’s own leaders played a key role in the downfall of the government,” he said.

Naseem, who resigned few hours before the MQM-P leadership press conference with the Opposition leaders, said: “Imran Khan is a good person though our decision is purely based on political will.”

He further stated that no one had given any direction or instruction to leave government as MQM-P had taken that decision “independently”.

Responding to a question that how much MQM-P leadership is optimistic about the implementation of the agreement with PPP, Naseem said that he still had some reservations about the agreement, however, after talking to Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, his words “strengthened my confidence as he is also happy about the agreement.”

The MQM-P leader further added that Bilawal had shown signs of positivity, adding that “he [Bilawal] said we need to move ahead taking rural and urban Sindh together.”

PPP, MQM-P sign agreement to develop ‘long-term partnership’ in various domains

The PPP and MQM-P on Wednesday signed the “Charter of Rights for the people of Sindh” to develop a “long-term partnership” in various domains.

The two parties have signed the agreement to develop a “long-term partnership to ensure harmony amongst people; to promote social justice, and to secure the economic well-being of the people of Sindh, especially of those who are left behind for various reasons”.

According to the text of the signed document, the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the local government shall be implemented in letter and spirit within one month with the mutual agreement of PPP and MQM-P.

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