RRF personnel hailed as heroes for averting PSX attack


KARACHI (Web Desk) – Constable Muhammad Rafiq and Constable Khalil of Rapid Response Force (RRF) of Sindh police are being hailed as heroes on social media for their pivotal role in taking down the terrorists.

One of the constable, while talking to media explained how he took down the terrorist. According to the RRF personnel, he shot the terrorist twice and injured him. Later he took a headshot of the assailant after he tried throw a hand grenade at him.

After the security forces foiled the attack, number of social media users started praising the role of the constables in neutralizing the terrorists.

One of the users said that “Faces brimming with bravery and heroism. These two have saved and averted Karachi stocks exchange building from biblical carnage. Salute to constable Khalil & constable Rafiq of Rapid Response Force Sindh Police.”

Another user said that these constables are the ones that played PUBG in real life. 

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