Saudi Arabia’s historic Hail mosque reopens to worshippers


HAIL: Several famous mosques in the Hail region, including the Qafar Mosque, have been rehabilitated as part of the Mohammed bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation, through which 30 religious sites in 10 regions will be restored.

The construction of the Qafar Mosque dates back to between 1334 AH and 1445 AH when Ruqayya bint Abdullah founded the site following the death of her husband. It was renovated in 1385 AH, according to the pillar of the mihrab.

The mosque used to host Friday prayers when worshippers traveled from neighboring villages to pray. A modern prayer house was built inside the mosque’s campus in 1412 AH. Today, the mosque is open to worshippers for the five daily prayers and Friday prayer.

Qafar Mosque is located in the old town of Qafar near the road linking Hail and AlUla, about 20 kilometers southwest of Hail.

The building’s unique style originates in its construction from mud and stone, with a wooden roof built from tamarix and palm fronds.

Qafar mosque covers an area of 687 square meters and can accommodate 170 worshippers.

The mosque features the Al-Saha courtyard, which houses two depots and a rectangular eight-meter minaret.

After the mosque’s restoration, it now contains a prayer house, the upgraded Al-Saha courtyard, a prayer area for women, toilets and ablution facilities for both men and women. It can now house more than 400 worshippers.

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