Taliban find three billion Pakistani rupees at checkposts snatched from Afghan forces


The Taliban have found three billion Pakistani rupees from checkposts snatched from Afghan security forces along a Pak-Afghan border crossing.

A statement issued by the Afghan Taliban said that about 3 billion in Pakistani currency was found from the checkposts of the Afghan forces in the Spin Boldak area of ​​Kandahar, which was evacuated by the Afghan security forces.

The Taliban continued with their onslaught against the Afghanistan government Wednesday, as a spokesperson of the group said they had captured the important Spin Boldak border crossing with Pakistan.

“The (Taliban) Mujahideen have captured an important border town called Wesh in Kandahar,” Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said in a statement.

“With this, the important road between (Spin) Boldak and Chaman and Kandahar customs have come under Mujahideen control.”

Pakistan security forces confirmed the Taliban had taken control of the crossing. The Afghan defence ministry said it was checking developments.

“The Taliban has taken control of the Afghan side of the Chaman-Spin Boldak border crossing,” the Pakistani security source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

“They have raised their flag and removed the Afghan flag.”

Analysts say the Rs3 billion amount was reportedly received by the Afghan security forces as bribes from smugglers.

They Afghan intelligence agency NDS used the money to pay terrorists to carry out attacks in Pakistan.

Analysts also say that Afghan agencies are active as a sub-franchise of Indian and other anti-Pakistan elements.

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