The ambassador H.E Ahmed Ali Sirohey met the foreign secretary of the republic of Niger


Foreign Secretary of the Republic of Niger received the Ambassador H.E Mr. Ahmed Ali Siroheyat the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Niamey on January 19, 2021.

 During the meeting with the Foreign Secretary, the Ambassador informed her about incoming Navy Ship PNS NASR that is bringing 36,000 bags of Rice for the flood affected people of Niger. The Ambassador also informed her that about 1000 million CFA relief goods were given by Pakistan. In response, the Foreign Secretary thanked the Government of Pakistan’s decision to provide food/ration assistance to the flood affected people of Niger.

The Foreign Secretary also inquired about the donation of US$ 100,000 and third C-130 carrying flood relief goods. The Ambassador informed here that due to technical problems and logistical arrangements at Nigerien airports, it was cancelled. However, many other relief activities are planned in near future including construction of street children school & Jinnah Park in Niamey. The Secretary praised the Embassy and expected that during his tenure, the bilateral relations would be further cemented.

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