Traditional Values: Baloch Culture Day is being celebrated across country today


Baloch Culture Day is being celebrated with lively colours and vibrant events to honour the distinctive culture, sweet language, centuries’ old traditions and customs, and a heritage preserved. Baloch mark this culture day by wearing traditional dresses. They celebrate this day with traditional passion amid taking out rallies and arranging different gatherings.

It is pertinent to mention that all nations protect their cultures, customs, values and historical heritage and celebrating this day is aimed at making efforts to keep intact all customs, traditions, cultures and unique life styles of all people living in Pakistan. However, culture plays an essential role for the development of a nation and every nation has gotten its own culture that according to the gravity of its power which distinguishes one culture from another.

The preparation of this special day is being done in a tremendous way to show Baloch culture in the entire world. Indeed, The Baloch culture has been proved to be one of the oldest and strongest cultures of the world by archeologist showing the researches of Italian and French survey teams. The Baloch have got such a marvelous culture which describes Baloch distinctive and stronger than the rest of the other cultures, for instance, the ‘Baloch Hospitality’, Bravery and keeping its promises.

The most distinguishing figure of Baloch from other is the dresses of female who stitch them themselves, having their own pattern. These Balochi dresses are very famous in entire Pakistan and costly as well. The culture of Baloch is one of the majestic cultures in the world and all Baloch should celebrate it with greet fervor.

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