Umer Sharif’s health deteriorates, departure delayed


Comedy legend Umer Sharif was shifted to the ICU of a private hospital after his health condition deteriorated on Sunday, hours before he was to leave for the United States.

His departure has been delayed after doctors said the next 48 hours are critical for his health.

Dr Tariq Shahab, the husband of Pakistani actress Reema Khan who is overseeing arrangements for Sharif’s treatment in the US, told Geo News that the actor’s blood pressure dropped at dialysis.

He said Sharif was shifted to the ICU after his condition worsened, adding that the actor was not able to undertake a long travel. Shahab said that any decision regarding Umer Sharif’s departure to the US would be made after taking in view his condition.

 He said that the air ambulance company has been informed about the patient’s condition.  

Earlier, the ailing comedian was due to leave for the United States for treatment on Monday morning.

The air ambulance was scheduled to land at the Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport  at 11:00 tonight (Sunday).

Sharif’s first wife and two sons were to leave for the US on September 28 via a commercial flight. The Health Department has booked tickets for Sharif’s family.

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