Voice of Pangs and Pain


Voice of Pangs and Pain

By Noor Ahmed Janjhi

Pangs and pain are very essence of creation and life. From the germination of a seed to the birth of a baby tell the story of pangs and pain. In first look, the pain feels painful but the depth of pain is pleasant in a sense that it is much more rewarding and enjoyable. A mother, when observes the labour pain, she touch the sky of death. However, none mother discourages to be a mother throughout life. The pain becomes panacea itself when it increases maximally.

Its observance ignites the slept potential of human being. People learn much after attending the school of pangs and pain. The pain is a great teacher and the lessons taught by it remain in memory afresh. Generally, people avoid the pain in life, but it is the first stage of pain. As people cover much more distance in this regard, they like the pain and utilize it as a relieving remedy. The remedy removes all the other sufferings and provides an absorbing feeling to feel the pain as an enjoying experience.

Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai has also described all of the stages of pain in human life. He thinks that pain should be avoided at first stage because of human vulnerability. After much more observance of the pain it becomes a soothing shade for scorching field of life. People leave people and the consequent separation makes many a problem. According to him, the pangs and pain guide us throughout the ruthless battle of life. He had reflected very part of his poetry on the pain and its feelings. He sees the pain as an opportunity rather than threat as usually is regarded. Being a lover, he gives top priority to the pain. He narrates

….سور جن کي سريو ، سري تن کي صحتمٺي مصيبت، آهي عاشقن کي

(Fortunate are those who have had Pangs and pain… Lovers regard sweet to disaster even)It is Latif’s unique approach that he values the pain very much and declares the people fortunate who have had pain in life. In his opinion, the lovers welcome disasters even. In this way, Shah Latif describes many kinds of pain and loves all of them. Pain is relief before him and follows it as a facilitator and guide

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