Airiyal, Patt Kunwar, Kunwar Gandal (Aloe Vera)


Flora of Thar..ايريال۔ پٽ ڪنوار۔ ڪنوار گندل

Airiyal, Patt Kunwar, Kunwar Gandal

(Aloe Vera)

It is a very glabous and succulent, scapigerous plant. Commonly found in Thar. People plant it in rainy season as a deforestation checking plant because it stabilizes soil and remains much more time even in harsh conditions. That is why it is called Patt kunwar or soil groam plant. It is mostly planted in graveyards to stabilize the traces of graves . Its leaves are succulent and narrowed, scape naked and very glabous with few or many flowered race e. The margin of the leaves is serrated with small white teeth. Its flowering and seed formation happens during September -October on a spike upto 90 cm tall, each flower being pendulous, with a yellow tubular corolla. It is used for decorative and medicinal purposes.

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