Amna Ilyas urges PM to take back comment about vulgarity


KARACHI – Actress and model Amna Ilyas has demanded Prime Minister Imran Khan to retract his statement regarding rape and vulgarity, threatening that otherwise, she will no longer consider him as her Prime Minister.

In a video message on her Instagram, Amna Ilyas said, “I urge the Prime Minister to clarify his position. If you give legislation even 50% of the focus you have given to vulgarity, it will definitely make a difference.”

Addressing the PM, Amna said that after Jinnah and Bhutto, he is the only Prime Minister whose words are heard by the whole Pakistan; be it watching TV serial Ertugrul, or reading such and such book.

“So when will you realize how much damage this statement is going to cause”, she asked.

Explaining the reason behind voting for Imran Khan, Amna Ilyas said, “I thought you were not as irresponsible as Modi and Trump, so I voted for you.”

“You are very fond of taking U-turns anyway, please withdraw your statement, otherwise at least for me you are not my prime minister from today”, she said. 

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