Biden will talk to Imran Khan soon, believes US deputy secretary of state


ISLAMABAD (News10) – During her visit to Pakistan, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R Sherman has believed that US President Joe Biden will talk Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan soon.

US Deputy Secretary Sherman said during a meeting with “Pakistani news editors” on Friday. “We have an idea that every country wants to have a telephone conversation with the US President at that time. I am sure that this conversation will be held with Imran Khan soon,” she said.

During the meeting, replying to a question asked by Dunya News that what to say about the 22 Republican senators who presented the bill in September and targeted Pakistan, the US deputy secretary said, “We get hundreds of bills; thousands of people are behind them but we are well aware of Pakistan’s concerns and are closely looking at the situation.

“I am sure that this contact will take place soon, so I don t think it should mean anything else,” Wendy R Sherman said while replying to another question from Dunya News that what should be considered about no telephone call of the US president to PM Imran Khan.

“I don t think there is a need for more speculation about not talking on the telephone so far. As far as the Congress is concerned, we have hundreds of bills and thousands of amendments. We are looking into the matter and understand Pakistan s concerns and reservations,” she said.

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