Dubai govt says ready to repatriate stranded Pakistanis from UAE


DUBAI: The Dubai authorities have once again offered assistance in repatriating stranded Pakistani citizens from the Arab state, a Dubai government

“Dubai is ready to repatriate stranded Pakistanis in the Emirate via its airlines”, the official associated with the reparation process confirmed on the condition of anonymity. The official further revealed that Dubai authorities have been waiting for the approval of the Pakistani government to start the operations of UAE based airlines from Dubai to Pakistan.

Pakistan diplomats in Dubai also confirmed that local authorities have requested Pakistan government via its diplomatic channels that they could help to repatriate stranded Pakistanis in very swift and speedy sessions with their airlines.

An aviation expert working with the Dubai Airport said the local authorities can evacuate more than 5,000 passengers in a day from Dubai to Pakistan.

“The local authorities extended their support for repatriation last month too but our government did not have appropriate and sufficient quarantine facilities back home at that time”, a senior diplomat stated, hoping that the repatriation process would be reshaped and expedited soon.

So far, around 10,000 Pakistanis have flown back in the last 35 days. Repatriation mission started on April 18 while 60,000 stranded Pakistanis have been waiting of their turn to receive the tickets for special flights.

Currently, Pakistan’s national carrier Pakistan International Airline is repatriating its citizens in which the passengers get tickets after the approval of the country’s diplomatic missions in the UAE. Some UAE-based airlines have also been aiding to return stranded Pakistanis in which travellers board with the direction of local labour ministry.

“Both governments are still discussing and working to facilitate further flights to repatriate Pakistani nationals from the emirates”, the diplomat added.

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