Fawad Khan returns to Twitter, fans ask if ‘someone has hacked his account?’


Superstar Fawad Khan is back on Twitter and netizens are worried if his account has been hacked.

The Zindagi Gulzar Hai star, who had been inactive on the micro-blogging app for over a year, turned to the platform on Thursday afternoon to promote a song from fellow singers.

“Check out this new track by Mekaal Hassan and Poor Rich Boy!” Fawad asked fans to listen to song Khudi Kya Hai.

Fawad’s fans, who were rather shocked to see the actor return to social media, expressed their excitement by commenting welcoming notes for the star.

“Welcome back FK,” wrote one while another added, “Oh my God !!!! Look who tweeted!!”  

“SIRR LONG TIME NO SEE,” wrote another Twitter user. A fan also expressed his desire to see the actor back on screen “Omg ! Now that ur here just know we love you and can’t wait to watch u back on screen.

“Has someone hacked his account? How recovered the password?” quipped another fan while one commented, “i think yeh dream hai(this is a dream).”

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