Flora of Thar…. Bhattar (ڀتر)


Flora of Thar…. Bhattar (ڀتر)Vakrio… Today during my morning walk I saw a beautiful phenomena at the plant of Bhattar. A beetle was hovering over yellow flowers of the plant grown at the roots of another plant Khip..Two flies were stuck at the flower.

The plant of Bhattar seemed protected among the twigs of Khip. As I tried to shoot the blossoming flower, the whirling beetle resisted lovingly with the message that the flower is its beloved and a beloved must be away from any disturbance. However, it allowed me to depict the lovely yellow whitish flower of Bhattar…

Generally, the plant of Bhattar grows at the roots enclosure and walls in saline soil. It has combed leaves on its branches and the yellow lovely flowers. The plant has also medicinal value and it should be researched further

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