Flora of Thar… Maruo or Nazboo (مروئو۔۔نازبو)


Flora of Thar… Maruo or Nazboo (مروئو۔۔نازبو)

A fragrant plant of tropical areas planted in homes and residential areas as it spreads natural fragrance. Its botanical name is Ocimum basilicum and belongs to Lamiaceae family called Labiatae previously. Its common name is sweet basil. It is called nazboo also which means ‘proud of scent’ and Maruo in Sindhi.. Shaikh Ayaz has mentioned it in his poetry..

مروئي جي مهڪار، اڃا اڱڻ سُپرين،اچين جي ٻيهار، مهڪي ساٿ سُڳنڌ سان

The plant has lush green oval and conical plants. It bears purple flowers and its seed are small black grains. It is used for fragrance in oil and other things. It is also used as herbal medicine too.

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