Govt not worried about opposition rallies but for people: PM Imran


ISLAMABAD– Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said that it will not make any difference to the government if the opposition holds 10 rallies at Minar-e-Pakistan but it is only concerned about the safety of people.

The prime minister presided over a meeting of government and party spokespersons in Islamabad on Monday and discussed Coronavirus situation while the current political situation also came under discussion.

Addressing the meeting, he said, “They do not know me, I will not compromise on accountability even if my government is over thrown,” adding that the opposition is now endangering the lives of the people to save its corruption.

Pointing to the PML-N leader, Imran Khan said that his entire family was sitting abroad but using the people here for themselves. He said the government will not care even if they hold 10 rallies at Minar-e-Pakistan, we are only concerned about the people.

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