Govt to focus on youth’s character building through religious festivals: PM Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday stressed for character building of youth through religious festivals in the country.

Presiding over a review meeting of the Rehmatulil Alameen Authority (RAA), PM Imran said that the state of Madina was a practical example of principles and ethics and the Madina Charter was the defender of human rights, adding that the Islamic society was the most innovative society of its time

“The Sufis, in the light of the Seeratun Nabi (PBUH), imparted the religious teachings to the local people in their language,” the PM noted.

He said that the special emphasis would be placed on making religious festivals as means of character building of youth, while the research and reflection in the universities would highlight the important aspects of Seeratun Nabi (PBUH).

“Every citizen of Pakistan is a lover of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The greatest proof of the love for the Prophet is following the biography of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him),” he said.

The meeting was attended by Federal Ministers Noorul Haq Qadri, Shafqat Mahmood, Prof Dr Ijaz Akram, Dr Khalid Masood, Shehzad Nawaz and by Dr Ataur Rehman through a video link.

The PM was apprised of the progress on setting up the authority. A comprehensive media plan for the authority will be presented next week. The focus will be placed on character building in the light of the biography of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for the young people and children through modern methods, the meeting was told.

It was further told that the embassies will be taken on board to raise awareness about Seeratun Nabi (PBUH) at the international level and to curb Islamophobia. 

Moreover, the teachings of ethics in the light of Seerat-e-Tayyaba (PBUH) will also be included in the curriculum of universities and schools, while the research and initiatives to promote harmony between Islam and science are also among the objectives of the authority.

The PM directed the concerned authorities to implement all the measures related to the authority as soon as possible.

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