Head of Mission met Minister Agriculture Niger republic


Head of Mission met Minister Agriculture Niger republic
Mr Ahmed Ali Sirohey called on the minister agriculture and discussed bilateral cooperation. The minister briefed about the Nigerien agro economy. He explained that it is mostly dependent on rain. Niger doesn’t have irrigation system. The farmers grow millet, maize, sorghum,wheat and rice. Moreover many other cereals and vegetables are grown in various regions of Niger. He said that desertification is causing problem and is serious threat to food security.

He informed that a dam is being built on river Niger and invited Pakistani companies to bid for irrigation system. He further added that 2 3rd of Niger is Sahara desert and river Niger is just 420 km in Niger. However cattle head is the highest per Capita in Niger. We have 75 million cattle heads. He wanted Pakistani support in halal meat, reclamation of desert, irrigation and production of high yield disease resistant seed of cereals.

The head of Mission appreciated the minister on his precise but comprehensive briefing and proactive approach to attain food self sufficiency. He assured full support of Pakistan embassy. He also committed to recommend cooperation in the requested fields to concerned agencies in Pakistan.

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