If you are ready for war, you must come back to Pakistan: Zardari to Nawaz


PPP President and Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari held a long video conference with PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday, in which according to sources, the PPP leader urged the PML-N leader to come back to Pakistan.

“Nawaz Sharif sahab, if you are prepared to fight a war, you will have to return to your country,” sources within PPP quoted Zardari as saying.

“If we all are out to fight, then we must all be prepared to go to jail,” Zardari further said to Nawaz.

The conversation between the two leaders was held during a meeting of the Pakistan Democratic Movement.

The PDM leaders are sitting together in the federal capital to review the political situation in the country after the recently-held Senate polls and by-elections, which, according to them, have shaken the ruling party.

The contentious point of the agenda is the resignation from assemblies which has put the PPP at loggerheads with PML-N and JUI-F who had been calling to quit since December. The PPP, however, has been convincing them to opt for an in-house change and use the resignation strategy as a “last resort”.

According to the sources, Zardari told Nawaz that “whether it is the long march or a no-confidence motion, you will have to come to Pakistan”.

“I am ready for war but my domicile is different […] Mian sahab, you represent Punjab” the sources further quoted Zardari as saying.

Zardari also discussed at length the measures he took during his presidency, the sources said.

“I gave powers to the parliament and approved the NFC (National Finance Commission Award) for which my party and I were punished,” he said.

Zardari said that the PPP “is ready to fight until its last breath”, also citing how he had spent 14 years of his life in jail.

The PPP leader also reportedly questioned how Nawaz plans on solving the people’s problems.

“You never increased people’s wages in your tenure, whereas I increased them,” sources quoted Zardari as telling Nawaz.

Assembly resignations

Speaking of resignations from the assemblies, Zardari said that the move is tantamount to “strengthening Imran Khan’s position”.

The PPP co-chairman also said that no decision that sets the parties off on divergent paths must be made.

“Any differences between us will only serve the interests of those who are enemies of democracy,” he said.

Zardari, according to sources, said: “We do not fight from the mountains. We fight from within the parliament.”

The sources said that the PPP leader told the PML-N surpremo: “Mian sahab if you want en masse resignations then not only us, everyone will have to go to jail.”

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