Is Dhvani Bhanushali’s ‘Mehndi’ a rip-off of Pakistani song Gagar?


Indian singer Dhvani Bhanushali has dropped track Mehndi on Tuesday and it seems plagiarized from Umair Jaswal’s Gagar.

The song, which was originally crooned by Alamgir, was re-created by Umair Jaswal in a singing show in 2020.

Although the Indian version of the song has different lyrics, the tune, and melodies of both tracks are eerily close.

While Dhvani’s new song started to make rounds on the internet, singer Umair Jaswal turned to his Instagram Stories and called out the singer, tagging prominent artists who were involved in the making of Gagar, including Alamgir.

Is Dhvani Bhanushalis Mehndi a rip-off of Pakistani song Gagar?

Take a look at the original song:

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