Jeddah authorities shut 100 commercial outlets for COVID-19 breaches


RIYADH: Jeddah authorities closed 100 commercial outlets for breaching COVID-19 protocols .

Municipalities in the Kingdom have stepped up their efforts to ensure compliance with coronavirus safety measures that are designed to protect public health.

The municipality of Jeddah governorate carried out 4,246 inspection tours of commercial centers and facilities.

There were 247 violations identified for issues related to overcrowding and the failure to effectively use the Tawakkalna app.

The municipality urged people to help maintain public health by reporting any COVID-19 violation to the 940 call center number.

Tawakkalna was launched last year to help track coronavirus infections. It has since developed and been updated to include vaccination information, including an individual’s status such as vaccinated or infected, and now functions as a COVID-19 “passport.”

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