Kaveh Moussavi should give proof of his accusations: PM Imran


ISLAMABAD (News10) – Prime Minister Imran Khan, while admitting to meeting a man named Zafar, said that he was unaware that he belonged to the British company Broadsheet LLC and asked Kaveh Moussavi to give proof supporting his accusations.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged that two countries had offered financial assistance but he could not disclose their names.

In an interview with a private television channel on Friday, the Prime Minister said that in a democracy, even the Prime Minister is held to account, but the opposition does not want to answer for its corruption. He said the opposition wants to take advantage of the situation with the singular aim to get NRO.

The Prime Minister also said that if the leader commits corruption then the country is on the path to destruction. But if the ruler is held to account, the country will soar.

“How can a Prime Minister stop others if he himself stashes money abroad”, he asked.

Talking about the foreign funding case, PM Imran demanded that the Election Commission make public the investigation into the foreign funding case of three major parties. “When money goes out through money laundering, the currency weakens”, he said.

Asked about the resignation of his close aide Nadeem Afzal Chan, he said, “He must have his reasons for resigning. I did not ask him to resign.”

“I make all decisions on merit. This is what happens in democratic cabinets around the world. I did not ask anyone to resign. After discussion, the joint decision of the cabinet should be accepted by all. Anyone who does not accept the decisions of the cabinet should resign”, the PM remarked.

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