Madinah research center’s projects and initiatives unveiled


MADINAH: Madinah Gov. Prince Faisal bin Salman inaugurated projects and initiatives of the Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Research and Studies Center.

One of the projects was an electronic platform with all the center’s publications on Madinah’s history and heritage, as well as magazines with research on the historical, geographical, social and literary aspects of Madinah and Saudi Arabia.

He also inaugurated the digital doorway for the “Madinah Picture Book,” which is in Arabic and English and contains old and rare photographs from around the world documenting different stages of Madinah’s history and heritage. 

It also has photographs of the Prophet’s Mosque, monuments, Quba Mosque, and prominent landmarks. 

Prince Faisal praised the center’s contributions and important role in preserving and highlighting the history of Madinah and Islamic monuments since its establishment in 1997.

The prince launched a new competition organized by the center, with prizes of more than SR325,000 ($86,654). 

It focuses on promoting the values of Islam, spreading tolerance and moderation, as well as shedding light on Prophet Muhammad’s life through four different tracks. 

The four tracks are: Research on the prophet’s life, the best short film on his life, the best photograph or sketch of Madinah and its monuments, and the best creative idea showing the prophet’s life.

The prince also launched the “Sighted” initiative, with the center’s publications issued in Braille for the visually impaired and blind.

He was briefed about the projects being carried out in the scientific, cultural, historical and administrative fields.

These include an online encyclopedia of Madinah’s landmarks, updating the center’s bylaws and regulations and developing its execution plan, and the center’s achievement report for 2020.

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