March of proscribed organization towards Islamabad will be stopped at any cost: Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABAD (News10) – Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Thursday said that the march of the proscribed organization towards Islamabad will be stopped at any cost.

Talking about the ongoing situation in the country Sheikh Rashid said that the government would not allow Pakistan s loss at any cost.

“Your loss is the government s loss. But we would not allow Pakistan s loss at any cost,” the minister said, adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan will not allow Pakistan to be held hostage by anyone.

He said that Pakistan is an atomic power, therefore, internal powers are trying to weaken the country adding Pakistan is the defensive line of Islam.

The minister went on to say that owing to the ongoing situation and protests which had taken a violent turn, leading to the martyrdom of four police personnel the ambassador of France got scared and fled the country.

Rashid said that when the French ambassador is not present in the country, and the government has submitted a resolution in the National Assembly regarding his expulsion, then why are you marching towards Islamabad, he asked the proscribed organisation.

He said if you continue to march despite the government trying to hold talks, then you will be stopped.

Minister said that the state will not allow anyone to challenge its writ, therefore, I would request this proscribed organisation to return home.

He said that despite the government s attempts to negotiate with the banned outfit, there has, so far, been no progress, adding that talks would be held again with the leadership of the proscribed organisation on Friday and Saturday.

He revealed that he also had a word with the leader of the banned outfit, who is currently in jail.

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