Minar-e-Pakistan incident: PM Imran Khan takes notice of female Tiktoker’s assault


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday took notice of the Minar-e-Pakistan incident where a female Tiktoker was assaulted by a mob last week.

PM’s close aide Sayed Zulfiqar Bukhari tweeted that PM Imran Khan personally spoke to IG Punjab on the manhandling of the woman and the vandalisation of Ranjit Singh’s statute at Lahore Fort.

The Minar-e-Pakistan incident came to light after a video went viral on social media, showing hundreds of men attacking a woman as she went to the park with four of her friends to celebrate Independence Day.

The police registered a case against 400 men for assaulting the woman who was making TikTok videos at the park.

“Police is catching all culprits involved in manhandling of female Tiktoker in Lahore and those damaging statue of Ranjit Singh at Lahore Fort,” Bukhari tweeted.

The senior PTI leader said that these are gross violations of laws and social norms and the government won’t spare a single person involved in these crimes.

Culprits being identified through videos

Earlier, Punjab government spokesman Fayyazul Hassan Chohan had said that the culprits are being identified through video footage.

“The incident of assault on a woman in Greater Iqbal Park is a shameful act which has brought shame to the society,” Fayyaz Chohan said in a statement today.

He said that the accused involved in the video are being identified and will be brought to justice.

Bilawal Bhutto condemns incident

Meanwhile, PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto has slammed the incident and asked the government to bring those responsible to the book.

“The assault of a young woman by a mob at #minarepakistan should shame every Pakistani. It speaks to a rot in our society,” the PPP leader said.

He said that those responsible must be brought to justice.

“The women of Pakistan feel insecure and it is all our responsibility to ensure safety and equal rights to all,” he added.

What had happened?

In yet another terrifying episode of violence against women, a woman in Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park was assaulted by hundreds of men.

The victim, along with her friends, was making a TikTok video in the park when hordes of men of all ages climbed a fence and attacked the woman.

The victim told the police that the men groped her, tore off her clothes, beat her, and tossed her in the air. In addition, they robbed her of Rs15,000, snatched her mobile phone and took off her gold ring and studs.

Out of hundreds of men, many of who just stood there and even made a video, only one person came to the woman’s rescue and helped her get out of the park.

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