NigerBusiness woman Mme Mathi Foureratou Boubacar called on Ambassador of Pakistan in Niger


A Businesswoman in Medical facilitation and Juice manufacturing Mme Mathi Foureratou Boubacar called on Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Niger.

It was highlighted that Niger Pakistan Business Forum held on September 16 to 18 2021 in Niamey was of a big impact on Social and Economic issues in Niger especially the huge participation of Women entrepreneurs.

She indicated the motif of her visit and underscored the commitment of Niger businesswoman into trade development between Niger and brotherly country of Pakistan. She also showed interest in Pakistan Expertise in Juice manufacturing especially the implementation of machinery and the need for strategic fruits growing in Niger fertile lands.

H.E mentionned the satisfaction of Mr. President Bazoum Mohamed commitment into the promotion and emancipation of Female Gender. He also asked Mme Foureratou Boubacar to send a request to Embassy for partnership opportunities with Pakistan Investors.

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