One litre of petrol: How much are govt, OMCs and dealers pocketing?


ISLAMABAD: Consumers are paying Rs33.33 more on one litre of petrol, out of which Rs22.57 per litre goes to the government and the remaining Rs10.67 to oil marketing companies and dealers.

The publication stated that the ex-refinery price of motor gasoline stands at Rs93.97 per litre.

An LPG consumer who uses a cylinder of 11.8 kg pays Rs817.09 more on one cylinder as the producer price stands at 1,586.23 per cylinder and the new price has been set at Rs2,403.55.

Of the Rs817.09, the LPG consumer pays Rs404.09 to the government in the shape of 17% GST (Rs349) and a petroleum development levy of Rs55.09 on the purchase of a 11.8 kg cylinder. The consumer pays Rs413 on one LPG cylinder for the marketing and distribution margin.

The new buildup of POL and LPG prices shows the government charges Rs22.57 on one litre of petrol, which includes 10% customs duty. This translates into Rs8.80 per litre, a petroleum development levy of Rs5.62 per litre and a GST of 6.84%, meaning Rs8.15 per litre petrol.

On one litre petrol, the consumer also pays Rs3.88 for inland freight margin, Rs2.97 as OMC margin and Rs3.91 on one litre of motor spirit as dealers’ commission.

Likewise, the high-speed diesel consumer pays Rs33.29 more on one litre of HSD as the ex-refinery price of HSD stands at Rs89.75per litre. Of the Rs33.29, the government directly charges Rs24.87 per litre, which includes 10% customs duty i.e. Rs8.31 per litre, Rs5.14 per litre petroleum development levy and Rs11.42 as 10.3% of GST. The remaining amount of Rs7.42 on one litre of HSD includes RS1.15 as inland freight margin, Rs2.97 as OMCs margin and Rs3.30 as dealers’ commission.

However, the consumer pays Rs2.15 dealers’ commission on one litre of HOBC (high octane blending component) and a maximum petroleum development levy of Rs30.

The consumer pays Rs13.76 in taxes, petroleum levy and OMC margin on one litre of kerosene oil (KO).

The ex-refinery price of kerosene oil is Rs85.55, but the consumer pays Rs99.31 for one litre of kerosene oil as the government charges Rs8.30 from the consumers on one KO litre, which includes Rs6.24 as 6.7% GST and Rs2.06 as petroleum development levy.

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