Opposition to ‘force the removal of puppets’ as PDM deadline passes: Bilawal


In a series of tweets, Bilawal Bhutto underlined that the “selected” Prime Minister Imran Khan “failed to resign by the deadline set by the PDM”.

The Opposition’s coalition “had given this illegitimate regime the opportunity to step aside respectfully & allow for a transition to democracy with free, fair & transparent elections”, he noted.

The PPP boss reiterated that the people of Pakistan were facing “historic, poverty, unemployment & inflation because this govt was forced on them”.

Since the PPP believed in relying only on the democratic tactics, there would now be “sustained joint efforts inside & outside parliament”, he underscored, hoping for them to “ultimately succeed”.

“Long March & no confidence will hopefully be discussed in our PDM meeting. [The PTI government’s] desperation is clear. [It’s] trying to change rules to rig Senate elections because they can see their defeat.

“IA [God-willing, the] Senate elections will show govt is on shaky ground,” he added.

Bilawal Bhutto also took an aim at the establishment, saying it “must leave political battles to the politicians now or risk being drawn into controversies”.

“Only a government chosen by the people can deliver for the people,” the PPP chief mentioned.

Late last December, Bilawal had given an ultimatum to the PTI regime, saying if the premier did not resign by January 31, the jiyalas, or party loyalists, would march down to the capital and “drag him off his seat”.

The 11-party Opposition alliance had, at the time, demanded PM Imran Khan “to step down” or face the movement’s long march to Islamabad with the aim to “dethrone him”.

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