Pakistan to continue support of Kashmiri brethren: Arif Alvi


ISLAMABAD (News10) – President Dr. Arif Alvi has once again reiterated the nation s commitment to the world and made it clear that we are with the Kashmiri brothers, Pakistan will never leave the Kashmiris alone.

Addressing a special session of the Senate, the President said that today is a very important day for us. India has been violating the basic rights of Kashmiris for the last one year and the Kashmiri leadership is still in custody.

Dr Arif Alvi said that even sick people could not go to hospitals in occupied Kashmir. In the last one year, 13,000 Kashmiri youths have been arrested. In addition, the economy of occupied Kashmir also suffered a great loss. In the last one year, 700,000 Kashmiris have lost their jobs.

He said the August 5 move reflected fascist Hindutva. The Kashmiri people had declared independence on October 24, 1947, but the persecution of Kashmiris has never abated since the Nehru era. Millions of Kashmiris were martyred. India used pellet guns only against the Muslims of Kashmir.

Shaking the international conscience, the President said that the world should open its eyes and see the inhumane atrocities in Kashmir. Grandfather was killed in front of the child there. Doesn t the world see this oppression? This is utter cruelty. Photographs were taken of the baby s grandfather s body while putting foot on the body.

Reminding the world of the past, he said that India had promised to hold a referendum at the United Nations and Pakistan trusted the United Nations. In addition, India also made excuses for the Shimla Agreement. He said India refused every promise and statement.

Its stubbornness is not for the sake of the people but for the sake of the land but Pakistan wants to liberate the people of Kashmir. Pakistan will never leave Kashmiris alone, he added.

He said that India s mentor is Israel who tried to occupy the West Bank and change the demographics but India is far ahead of its mentor Israel in terms of atrocities.

During the speech, the President thanked the UN Secretary General, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Azerbaijan and Iran for their support to the Kashmiris.

He demanded from India to stop sexual abuse of women and atrocities against children. Educational institutions should be opened in Kashmir, he demanded. The political leaders of Kashmir should be released and the lives of Kashmiris should be spared and India should get out of Kashmir, added President.

India following Israel s footsteps to oppress Kashmiris

Earlier President Dr. Arif Alvi has urged the international community to press India to allow the media enter Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K) to report facts from there.

He was addressing a rally in Islamabad in connection with Youm-e-Istehsal of iccupied Kashmir.

The president demanded that the changes made in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir in violation of the UN resolutions and the Geneva Convention should be reversed. He called upon the United Nations to fulfill its promises about resolution of the long-standing Kashmir dispute.

Dr Arif Alvi reaffirmed that the entire Pakistani nation is united on the Kashmir issue and it will continue its efforts for Kashmir cause. He said Kashmiris should not consider themselves alone as Pakistan will continue its peaceful efforts for realization of their right to right to self-determination.

India is following footsteps of Israel to oppress Kashmiri people, he went on to say.

The president said since its formation, the incumbent government gave a message of peace, but in return India attacked Pakistan in aftermath of Pulwama incident. Even then, Pakistan kept up the course of peace and returned the captured pilot Abhinandan as peace gesture, he added.

He said the Kashmir Siege Day was meant to make the world realize that the human rights abuses by the Indian government particularly the military siege imposed since last one year breaching rights of expression, business and movement and even to hospitals.

On the other hand, in response to the call of the government, Pakistan is observing the first anniversary of the bleak August 5, 2019 day as ‘Kashmir Military Siege Day’ (Youm-e-Istehsal) in solidarity with the people of IIOJK.

Youm-e-Istehsal is being observed throughout Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan and rest of the world by the overseas Pakistanis and Kashmiris to condemn the illegal, immoral, and inhuman Indian action of the 5th August, 2019.

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