PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja scolds Basit Ali for calling him ‘Rambo’: report


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja had lashed out at former cricketer and Sindh Cricket Association Head Coach Basit Ali for calling him “Rambo” during a meeting. 

According to a report in 24NewsTV, the PCB chairman was holding a virtual meeting a few days ago with the head coaches of the six provincial teams. 

Some of the coaches were former colleagues of the PCB chairman. Basit Ali, as per the report, referred to Ramiz Raja as “Rambo”, his often used nickname. 

Ramiz was displeased at being addressed by his nickname. He warned the Sindh head coach to be careful how he speaks to the PCB chairman. 

The report said Raja criticised another coach, Shahid Aslam, over his “friendly attitude” and told him to focus on his job. 

‘Perform or go home’

Another report stated that the PCB chairman had been unhappy with the coaches performance in the meeting and had warned them to pull up their socks or go home. 

“People who will do a good job will stay others will go home,” the Express News report had quoted him. 

Raja, while criticising the coaches of the provincial teams, gave a clear message about the need for improvement in their performance.

The outlet stated that in the virtual meeting, the newly-appointed chairman had expressed distrust over the performance of the coaches of the provincial teams and questioned the role of the coaches in the team selection.

The chairman maintained that everybody should work properly and reconsider their planning to extract better performances from the players. 

“Many changes are being made to fix Pakistan cricket, hence, everyone will have to contribute accordingly,” Raja was quoted as saying. 

On the other hand, according to reports, the coaches were angry after the meeting was over, feeling slighted over the “commanding tone” of the PCB chairman. 

One of the coaches advised everyone to submit their resignations together. However, the suggestion was immediately opposed.

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