Petrol price to remain unchanged at Rs145.82


ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan on Tuesday announced that it would maintain the prices of petroleum products, a statement issued in this regard revealed.

Following the prime minister’s decision, the petrol price will remain unchanged at Rs145.82 per litre, and the price of diesel will remain Rs142.62 per litre as before.

The prices of kerosene oil and light diesel will stay at Rs116.53 and Rs114.07 per litre, respectively.

According to the notification, the new prices will be effective from December 1.

ProductExisting price w.e.f 1-12-2021 Increase/(-) Decrease
DieselRs142.62 00.00
Kerosene oil Rs116.5300.00
Light diesel oilRs114.0700.00

On November 5, the government had jacked up the price of petrol in Pakistan by Rs8.03 per litre.

The decision came as a surprise for the masses as on November 1, which was the scheduled date to announce results, the prime minister had not agreed with the proposals worked out by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and the Finance Division, and had directed to maintain the prices as notified on October 16.

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