PM Imran elaborates Pakistan’s steps to tackle climate change at MEGI summit


RIYADH (News10) – Prime Minister Imran Khan while elaborating the steps being taken by his government to tackle climate change said that human beings are facing bigger challenges due to environmental issues and no new project to generate energy from coal will be launched in Pakistan.

Addressing the Middle East Green Initiative Summit in Saudi Arabia on Monday, the prime minister said that one billion mangrove trees will be planted by 2023, adding that mangrove trees have the highest carbon dioxide absorption capacity.

He said Pakistan is the only country in the world which is investing 44 percent in environmental protection, adding thousands of jobs were created to protect the environment.

Imran Khan said tackling existing challenges that affect man-made infrastructure and coastal ecosystems has already become a serious concern.

He said during the Covid-19 pandemic, the government increased 50% national parks, which created 85000 jobs, adding, more 200, 000 jobs will be created in this field.

PM Imran said that with the wetlands, which recharge the ground water being preserved in the country, the World Bank has appreciated Pakistan for the use of 44% of financing in climate change projects.
He also mentioned the issuance of US $ 500 million Green Bonds by Pakistan for clean energy projects and said Blue and Nature Bonds will also be issued.

The premier termed the issue of climate change as biggest one in the world, which was badly affecting the weather system and causing floods in various regions.

He said the people living in the countries around Himalyas and Karakuram ranges including Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan were badly affected by the fast melting of glaciers and could face severe water problems in future.

The PM thanked Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz for hosting the MGI Summit on the important subject.

Earlier upon reaching at the Middle East Green Initiative Summit in summit hall which has begun in Riyadh, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz welcomed PM Imran Khan.

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