Royal Saudi Air Force participates in air-missile war exercise in UAE


RIYADH: The Royal Saudi Air Force continued a joint air-missile combat exercise at Al-Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi, the Saudi Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.
The RSAF participated in the exercise along with the counterparts from a number of countries.
“The exercise is one of the largest and longest-running maneuvers in the region and provides an environment rich in the mutual field and tactical experiences with the aim of benefiting from these experiences and strengthening relations and cooperation,” the ministry said.
The drill also aimed to develop operational coordination between the participating countries and improve the level of readiness to plan and implement air operations. 
The main focus is to protect vital interests, combat terrorism and confront threats and hostilities that target the security and stability of the Arabian Gulf region and the Middle East.
“In the exercise, RSAF pilots demonstrated their combat, skill, and technical capabilities. They proved that their air superiority is not novice,” the ministry said.

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