Sarah Khan’s face all around the city, Falak Shabir beams with pride


One of the most romantic celebrities throughout the nation, Falak Shabir makes sure to shower endless affection on his wife Sarah Khan and with staggering consistency. This time, the celebrated singer has revealed the reason behind his profound pride which arose due to the fact that Sarah Khan’s face is on the billboard all around the city.

While on a drive, Falak Shabir decided to give a shoutout to the love of his life and as he drove towards his destination, the music personality kept sharing glimpses of Sarah Khan’s face on various billboards. Actress Sarah Khan’s presence seems to intimidate through her picture showcased on billboards, the strikingly stunning actress making sure to cause an impact.

The reason why Falak decided to provide glimpses of Sarah Khan’s billboard presence is most probably because the singer felt quite overwhelmed with pride over the fact that his wife is so massively celebrated.

Falak wrote: “Har jagah hai meray saath Sarah.” (Sarah is everywhere with me). 

Falak Shabir has shared another post on his Instagram handle in which he has been spotted posing candidly while sleeping on the couch in an upright position as his little daughter Alyana rests on top of him. The Pakistani star has stated in the post how his daughter is the sole cause of immense peace in his life.

Previously, pictures/videos from Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir’s daughter Alyana’s Aqiqah emerged on the internet which showcased a grand function and promising set up. 

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